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Twin City Security is the Best Security Guard Company in the Twin City Metro Area

At Twin City Security (TCS-Minneapolis) we provide a full range of high-quality professional security guard services. Although the Twin Cities enjoy a thriving economy and fantastic amenities, it still has some problems with crime. Some managers are not aware that security guards do much more than just look out for wrongdoing. Our officers also keep people safe during natural disasters and do a lot to prevent all types of emergencies. When you have us as your security guard company, you have a team of professionals dedicated to safety and security.

TCS-Minneapolis Offers Many Solutions

Every manager has a unique set of safety and security problems to solve. Let the experts at TCS-Minneapolis come do an assessment of the site and help you determine the best solution. We will take many factors into account before we offer any guidance. These factors include:

  • Industry Specific Hazards

  • Number of Visitors and Employees

  • Potential Natural Disasters

  • Building Design and Maintenance Issues

  • Type of Neighborhood

  • Crime History

  • The Demographics and Culture of the Community

  • The Management Style

After more than 40 years of operating in the Minneapolis Metro area we have a wealth of local knowledge. We use our expertise to guide managers to maximize every dollar and get the exact type of security needed. Your customized security contract will specify the duties of the officers serving you. Depending on the factors listed above, these duties might include:

  • Marked vehicle patrol

  • Monitoring surveillance systems

  • Foot patrol at regular and/or irregular intervals

  • Basic Assistance

  • Providing Basic Information

  • Deterring crime

  • Developing emergency preparedness plans

  • Responding to all emergencies

  • Calming agitated individuals

  • Checking IDs and personal belongings at entrances and exits

  • Communicating with the site management team

  • Working with other law enforcement professionals

  • And More

TCS-Minneapolis Serves Most Industries

While every situation is unique, chances are we have provided security services for an industry like yours. Our satisfied clients come from diverse industry backgrounds such as:

Please call us to get a referral list matching your industry.

TCS-Minneapolis Keeps Special Events Running Well

Special events should be happy occasions. But, it only takes one or two people to disrupt the fun. Our specialized public relations officers are specially trained to recognize potential problems and proactively stop them. With TCS security guards at your event, we quickly respond to any disturbances before they get out of hand. That means you and your guests will continue having fun. If you are organizing a special event, talk to us about your security first. We have experience with events like:

  • Festivals

  • Street Fairs, Farmer's Markets, Flea Market and Swap Meets

  • Weddings

  • Marathons, Bike Races, Triathlons

  • Concerts

  • And More

Call us today on 763‑784‑4160 to find out how we can best serve your security guard needs. You'll be happy you hired the best security guard company in the Twin Cities.

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