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Concierge Doorman Security - Minneapolis

A Courtesy Officer Protects Property and People, Deters Crime, and Offers Assistance

Doorman Security Minneapolis The Minneapolis metro area is known for having a thriving economy and active residents. They like to go out to public venues and come home to a private oasis. Whether living in a loft in the North Loop, or a high-rise building along the river, or in a gated community in the suburbs, potential residents look for communities that list a courtesy officer, or public relations service, as part of the amenities. Some locations may refer to having a doorman, but our officers are so much more than doormen, we prefer the term courtesy officers.

It's not just luxury apartment buildings in the Twin Cities that hire doormen. A courtesy officer is an excellent security solution for:

  • Hotels

  • Luxury retail stores

  • Office buildings

  • Museums

  • Any place needing to combine security and safety with a welcoming presence

Retail store managers who employ concierge security guards report that the customers spend more and the employees are more productive because they feel safe.

A concierge security guard welcomes visitors and assists with small courtesies, but their main duty is to keep unwanted elements out and prevent all types of emergencies.

A Courtesy Officer is a Security Guard First

Even if you opt for your courtesy officer to wear the business style uniform of a blazer, a tie, and high gloss shoes, a TCS badge will always be a visible. This badge indicates to would-be criminals that it would be foolhardy to target your location. A courtesy officer remains vigilant at all times and enforces rules. They are there to patrol, respond to any incidents, and report any problems to your management team and the TCS-Minneapolis management team. You may select from a wide variety of optional duties the courtesy officer can perform. You may elect to have the courtesy officer check IDs, personal belongings, or keep a log of every person that enters and exits.

A courtesy officer plays an important role in safety, beyond preventing thefts and vandalism. They inspect smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and help create and carry out evacuation plans. They may also assist disabled people with entering and exiting, and escort people to their cars.

At Twin City Security (TCS-Minneapolis) no courtesy officer works alone. They can call the 24-hour dispatch center to support them at any time. In the case of emergency, we will send a field supervisor to your facility. As our client, you also have access to the larger security guard team. If you need extra help with a special event or supervising in-house security personnel, just give us a call.

A Courtesy Officer is the First and Last Person Visitors See in Your Establishment

When people enter and exit your establishment, the courtesy officer will be standing there as a symbol of your commitment to safety, security, and hospitality. Your TCS-Minneapolis concierge security guard will be well-groomed, polite, helpful and vigilant.

Experience the TCS-Minneapolis Difference

We know managers and superintendents in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding cities have many choices when it comes to hiring a courtesy officer. But it is hard to find any other private security companies with our dedication to customer service, local knowledge, and extensive experience. Our certified woman-owned company has been protecting the fine people and businesses along the Mississippi River since 1974. We would like the opportunity to let our concierge security guard clients speak for themselves. Please call 763‑784‑4160 so we can give you a referral list.

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