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Security Services Minneapolis

Security Services Minneapolis

The High Cost of not having Security Services

Security guards minimize the risk of losing valuable assets. Twin City Security (TCS-Minneapolis) officers prevent careless mistakes from turning into catastrophic situations. Not having security guards is dangerous financially and emotionally. Becoming victimized by a criminal element or a man-made emergency has closed the doors of many businesses and government services.

Possible Scenarios with and without Security Officers

Imagine the following scenario in an office building. An employee decides to heat her office with a space heater. Her work day ends and she forgets to turn it off. The security guard walks by during patrol, notices the heater is on, and turns it off. He writes a report to alert the manager of a potential dangerous situation. No one is hurt and nothing gets damaged.

But, what would happens without an officer?

Now imagine the same situation without an officer patrolling the premises. The wiring to the space heater shorts out and a fire starts. A smoke alarm should go off, but it is out of the batteries. A fire starts and it takes five minutes for anyone to notice it. The observer panics, but does manage to call 911 and pull the alarm. The fire department responds three minutes later. Much of the building, and all of the paperwork, and the computers get destroyed. Luckily no one gets hurt, despite an outdated evacuation plan. The company loses vital information and must shut down for several weeks to clean up the extensive damage. It could take years to recuperate the lost revenue and time.

Don't cut corners when it comes to security and safety. As a wise person once said, "Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless." At TCS-Minneapolis, we pride ourselves on preventing accidents and deterring crime.

Twin City Security Offers a Wide Variety of Security Services

The security services your location or event needs will depend on several factors including:

  • Industry or type of event

  • The value and type of assets

  • Clientele and employee demographics

  • Neighborhood

  • Hours of operation

  • Building age and architecture

  • The number of people at the location

Most of the TCS-Minneapolis security guard duties are centered around preventing problems. Some of the way we prevent crimes include:

  • Posting uniformed guards in visible locations so people know they are being monitored.

  • Restricting access and egress points so dishonest people cannot slip in and out unnoticed.

  • Checking IDs and personal belongings when appropriate.

  • Enforcing minor rule infractions.

  • Patrolling and being vigilant for unusual activity.

  • Monitoring CCTV.

  • Separating individuals when emotions and stress run high.

Most man-made disasters occur from careless behavior and/or not having safety systems in place. We are always on the look-out for possible safety issues and code violations. Our guards make sure to check alarms and other safety systems for optimal functionality. We will report all issues to your management team immediately. We also create evacuation and loss prevention plans.

Not every emergency or crime can be avoided. But a quick response can keep the situation under control and the damage minimized. In the case of a medical emergency, like a stroke, a quick response can mean the difference between life and death. After a guard takes immediate action to control an emergency situation, they notify the proper officials. The guard works with law enforcement, and other first responders, to help in any way possible. This cooperation often means cases get closed quicker than they would otherwise.

TCS-Minneapolis Builds Relationships throughout the Twin Cities

Having a solid reputation and good relationships is important to us. We are big enough to be a full service operation and small enough to remember your name. Call 763‑784‑4160 today to discuss how our security services can protect your location.

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