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Private Security - Minneapolis

Managing Security Guards

You know you need a security guard to protect the assets and people entrusted to you. Now, you must figure out how to get and maintain reliable officers. You may be considering contracting with a private security firm or doing the hiring, training, and managing yourself. To make a good decision, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do I have at least 5 years of experience in the field of security?

  • Do I have time in my day to recruit and train high quality officers?

  • Do I have time to manage security personnel, including scheduling and quality control?

  • Am I prepared to be legally liable for negligence if I overlook a critical aspect of security or safety?

  • Have I analyzed the costs related to various security solutions?

If you answered "no" to any of those questions, the management team at Twin City Security, (TCS-Minneapolis) is here to help. We have a combined experience of over 75 years. We developed a nationally recognized training program. Most facility managers and site superintendents quickly realize that hiring a private security company in the Twin Cities provides owners with the best protection. In most cases, contracting with a private security company is more economical than having an in-house security team.

TCS-Minneapolis Best Private Security in the Twin Cities

You have several companies to choose from when contracting for security guards. But few companies have the same track record as Twin City Security. Our clients stay with us because of our reputation for excellence. When you contract with us you will get:

  • Co-operation and Collaboration - When you have a question or concern, just pick up the phone. Our clients can call the dispatch center any day, at any time. Our field managers are there to make your job easier.

  • Proactive solutions - Our guards and our management team are always looking to improve safety and security systems. You get fewer complications and unpleasant surprises because we pay attention to the details. Alarm systems get checked, patrols happen, doors get locked, and many other disaster-avoiding actions. Your risk management is our top priority.

  • Custom contracts - Get the security package tailored to your property or event needs. Whether you need an officer temporarily, or a team of high level officers, we have the talent pool to fulfill your needs.

  • Security Professionals - TCS officers have the training to prevent and respond quickly to a variety of dangerous situations. We have one of the best security guard retention rates in private security.

  • A Transition Team - We know that change, even positive changes, come with an adjustment period. Our dedicated transition team works to make the process of hiring us as smooth as possible. We are often able to hire the officers you have previously employed. You keep the guards you have come to trust even after you decide to reallocate your resources from in-house management to our professional services.

  • Reliable Protection - A trained, uniformed security guard will show up to your location on time, ready to protect assets and people.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions - Hiring a private security company is usually the most efficient and effective solution. Our customizable contracts mean clients only pay for the services they need.

  • A Team of Security Experts - We have a wealth of local knowledge about security in the 11 county metro area. You will get expert advice on optimal security solutions for your property, the neighborhood, and industry.

  • Peace of Mind - You will be able to sleep at night knowing you contracted with the best private security company in the Twin Cities.

Getting Started with TCS-Minneapolis

Start by calling us on 763‑784‑4160 about your free assessment. This gives us the opportunity to get to know your unique security needs. Then we can discuss what solutions will be the most beneficial.

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