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Security Guards - Minneapolis

Managers in the Twin Cities Put Their Trust in Security Guards from Twin City Security

Hiring great security guards is not easy. They must pass extensive background checks, be reliable, have a calm demeanor, great communication skills and remain vigilant at all times. At Twin City Security (TCS-Minneapolis) we have several strategies for recruiting and retaining the best security guards in the Twin Cities.

  1. We offer competitive salaries and benefit packages.

  2. We treat every employee with respect.

  3. We offer flexible schedules.

  4. We have a clear path for career advancement.

  5. We hire existing guards, whenever possible, when a facility transitions to TCS-Minneapolis.

  6. There is a pride that goes with working as part of the TCS-Minneapolis professional security team.

Attracting and retaining the best talent in security in the Twin Cities benefits our clients who get reliable, trustworthy and motivated guards. Low turnover rates means our clients form trusting relationships with the guards protecting them. The officers also benefit from getting excellent experience and skills.

Even People with a Superior Work Ethic Need Training

It's not enough for a security guard to have honorable qualities and job satisfaction. First-rate training enables TCS-Minneapolis Security guards to execute their duties up to our high standards. Our proprietary training program includes topics such as:

  • Patrolling

  • Professional ethics

  • Communication

  • Technology

  • Emergency response

  • Deterring crime

  • Professional appearance

Every guard actively deters crime, prevents careless accidents, and responds to emergencies. But not every property has the same risk factors. Our management and transition team will help you decide what level of security guard best suits your situation.

Twin City Security has 3 Security Guard Levels

Security guard duties vary dramatically from one facility to another. In some places, like a mall, they are expected to interact extensively with the public. In other places, like at a construction zone, the security guard would spend most of their time patrolling alone. The three levels are:

  1. Watchman

  2. Public Relations Officer

  3. Advanced Officers

A TCS-Minneapolis watchman patrols the facility, staying vigilant for any activity out of the ordinary. They control access to the site and respond to emergencies. Construction sites, warehouses, and hotels and motels often have watchmen.

Our public relations officers have more training and more experience than watchmen. They are a great solution for security in highly populated areas. Retail shops, office buildings, schools, and residential communities often have public relations officers.

Advanced officers are our highest level of security guard. An advanced officer may, or may not, be armed. They possess extensive knowledge and skills about all security topics including, sophisticated technology and public relations. These guards are great solutions for clients who have valuable assets, sensitive information, or challenging individuals. Banks, special events, medical facilities, and airports often have advanced officers.

Get a Customized Solution

Our management team has many years of experience helping clients in the Twin Cities metro area get the security guard solution to meet their needs and exceed expectations. After the initial free assessment, our expert staff will advise you about which level of officer at Twin City Security best suits your needs and budget. Some facilities use different level guards for different hours or posts. As our client, you will have a team of professionals who are dedicated to protecting valuables and people.

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