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Unarmed Security Guard - Minneapolis

Twin City Security in the Twin Cities Guides You to Make Sound Security Decisions

Unarmed Security Guard Minneapolis You know you need a security solution to protect your assets, employees, and your patrons. But the amount of options available can make choosing the right solution daunting. Building superintendents, facility managers, business owners, and many other professionals look to the experts at Twin City Security (TCS-Minneapolis) to help decide on the most cost-effective security guard team to provide protection. Many people who call us want to know if they should contract for armed or unarmed guards. Unarmed guards are less expensive than armed guards because they need fewer licenses and less insurance coverage. Most decision makers opt for unarmed guards to keep costs low, but still get excellent security protection.

Even Advanced Officers are Often Unarmed

At TCS-Minneapolis we have three levels of security guards. Watchmen and public relations officers are not usually armed. Our advanced officers are sometimes armed, and sometimes unarmed. Typically armed officers are reserved for locations with a high likelihood for crime or violence. Some of our clients getting excellent protection from unarmed security guards include:

Many events in the Twin Cities need unarmed advanced security guards to help with crowd control and maintain order. Event organizers ask for unarmed security guards for many types of events such as:

  • Parades

  • Runs, Walks, Bike Races, Triathlons

  • Community Festivals

  • Receptions

  • Conferences

  • Concerts

  • Sporting events

  • Cultural events

Unarmed Security Guards Provide a Valuable Service

A security guard does not need to have a weapon to be effective at deterring crime, protecting assets, and keeping people safe.

Unarmed security guards deter crime and protect assets in the Twin Cities by:

  • Patrolling the premises.

  • Monitoring CCTV.

  • Restricting access into a building.

  • Remaining vigilant at all times.

  • Investigating unusual activity.

  • Being visible and in a uniform.

  • Inspecting personal items for contraband and stolen property.

  • Checking IDs.

Unarmed security guards keep the people of the Twin Cities safe by:

  • Checking alarm systems, like smoke alarms, to ensure proper functioning.

  • Responding quickly to all emergencies.

  • Creating and implementing evacuation plans.

  • Keeping individuals calm in stressful situations.

  • Deterring disasters, such as fires and chemical spills, from careless mistakes.

Get a Security Assessment

As experienced security professionals at TCS-Minneapolis, we will assess your property for specific risks. We will look at the history of violent crime in the neighborhood and the street value of the assets. We will detail a customized plan to maximize your security budget, while providing optimum protection. For most businesses and events unarmed security guards will be a large component of the solution.

Don't Settle for Guards not Wearing a Twin City Security Badge

A TCS badge is much more than a decoration on the sleeve of the uniform. It is a symbol of quality and training. Guards wearing our badge undergone a rigorous selection and training process.

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